Economy and tourism: Sicily is the second most popular destination in 2021, how to exploit eCommerce to sell trips

It's no news that Sicily ranks among the top favorite destinations for holidays, and despite in this summer of 2021 tourism has been strongly penalized by the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic, Sicily remains among the favorite destinations of Italian tourists, second only to Trentino Alto Adige. The Demoskopipika institute has compiled the ranking of the tourist reputation for the fourth consecutive year, which concerns the Italian regions, the most social destination in first place is Trentino Alto Adige, which precedes Sicily and on the third step of the podium follows Tuscany. But Sicily is not only in second place, in fact, it is the most searched destination on the web by vacationers and the favorite seaside resort of Italians. One of the digital marketing strategies that is increasing the flow of tourism on the island, is definitely the sale of travel and holidays through websites and online travel agencies, in fact, operators in the tourism sector are always attentive to the world of eCommerce and advantages that arise to offer a special holiday in one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy and the world.

Today, the Web offers many digital marketing opportunities and different communication channels, such as social networks, video platforms, specialized websites and blogs. It is even possible to raise funds to realize a project or an idea, simply by finding out about crowdfunding how it works, in this case it would be beach facilities, themed restaurants and anything that has to do with tourism in the Sicilian lands. Leveraging eCommerce to sell travel and holidays online can be very beneficial. Let's find out why.

Photos and videos on social networks Social networks are the heart of the digital marketplace, in fact there is nothing more immediate and direct than photos and videos to sell online. In the case of Sicily, in every city or place there are many natural beauties that the geology of the island offers: beaches and mountains but also archaeological gems and breathtaking architecture. Just take a picture or shoot a video to receive reservations. Create columns and offer complete tourist routesThrough social networks and tourism blogs, it is possible to offer complete routes of the cities to visit, the beaches where you can swim and the wine and food specialties to taste.

This strategy is firmly linked to the photos and can work on the company website but also on social networks, which are an excellent channel for sharing content.Sell trips on specialized online sites or overnight stays on tourism platformsThere are many sites in the industry, are very important especially the platforms that offer feedback and reviews, here in fact, you can highlight your hotel, beach, restaurant or spa with discounts and offers, ensuring the best value for money to customers to beat the competition. In addition, getting good reviews, bookings will increase naturally.

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