Energy efficiency: a possible goal

Following the publication of the International Energy Efficiency Scorecard by the Washington-based organization whose purpose is to promote energy efficiency, the American Council for an energy-efficient Council (ACEEE), last July, we thought it would be interesting to stop and reflect for a moment on this important point in our daily lives.This report focuses on the energy efficiency policies in force in each country and the results of their implementation, based on the three main areas of energy consumption in the countries: industry, transport and buildings, among other factors, such as electricity generation. Are you curious to know who took the podium? Well, clearly, Germany, China, Italy and the European Union. While in the lower positions we find Mexico, Brazil, Russia and the United States. Of course, this does not mean that the others did not have a presence in this process, because in all the measurements that were carried out in the report each country obtained the maximum percentage, although they had shortcomings in turn, which shows that we are making a significant improvement in the area of energy efficiency.

Where does the difference lie? Well, in order to use energy efficiently, the least amount of resources must be used to achieve exactly the same objective. Reflect on all that this reduction of resources entails: reduction of costs, maintenance of natural resources and competitiveness with respect to other countries . Here we are every day taking steps forward in this field thanks to the acquisition of class A appliances or air conditioning units such as Inverter. In these times, energy saving is essential to our lives. We already have enough with paying the car bills, the mortgage, the children's books.

as above to be wasting money with our air conditioning. And more if you live in a very hot city at this time! (If you have an air conditioning in Madrid or another similar summer city, you know perfectly well what we are talking about...). ) But if you know how to use the means properly, you will achieve the desired energy efficiency and you can enjoy your air conditioner at any time of the year.

Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith

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