Experience an unforgettable boating holiday without a driving licence

Road trips in a sports car seem to be growing in popularity. Some people even prefer them to a beach holiday. However, not everyone has the opportunity to experience this type of vacation. Simply for the reason of not having a driver's license.

Fortunately, there is an alternative that is just as good, if not better. Renting a houseboat costs about the same. The difference, however, is that many houseboats are license-free. So you can have an unforgettable boating holiday and feel like a real captain - without a licence.

A wonderful idea to spend your holiday. Great for all ages and possible in many places in Germany. So you save yourself an expensive plane ticket.

Holiday with a houseboat - can the dog come along?

The Germans love their dogs. Therefore, it is little wonder that many want to spend the holiday with their beloved four-legged friend.

Provided that some basic safety precautions are taken, there is nothing against taking a dog with you. However, one should be aware that the dog has to do its business after a while. This makes occasional shore leave unavoidable. In contrast to dogs, other pets on the houseboat could be a problem.

Bringing cats, for example, is not recommended. Not only would the safety risk be significantly higher, but the animals probably wouldn't enjoy their stay.

Overnight stays on

the houseboatThere is something romantic about staying overnight on a houseboat. That's why couples in particular are crazy about it. But before spending the night on the water, a light must be fixed as a signal.

This will ensure that the boat is recognized by other boats passing by in the dark and avoid an accident. Apart from that, however, an overnight stay is quite uncomplicated. Only sufficient provisions should not be missing. Therefore, it is best to stock up before departure or to make a short stopover at a nearby harbour.

Speed limits and orientationWhoever

decides on a licence-free houseboat will have to be satisfied with a speed limit of 12 kilometres per hour.

More is not possible without a driving licence. This means that even short distances take up a lot of time. But that is exactly what a holiday on a houseboat is all about. You can drift along on the water in complete peace of mind and enjoy nature.

This makes it all the more important to choose a beautiful stretch of water. Fortunately, there are plenty of them in Germany. This should make it easier for you to make your choice.nautical charts are one way of finding your way around. But not everyone is able to read nautical charts.

In such cases, the mobile phone can help. Such modern maps are easy to understand. Even laymen can manage well with them. The only disadvantage is that in some places there is no mobile phone reception.

So you should by no means rely only on your mobile phone, otherwise you might (in the worst case) lose your orientation. With enough provisions, however, this should not be a problem. It is perfectly ok to get a little lost with the houseboat. Some holidaymakers even think that there is a certain charm in it.

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