Some applications of artificial intelligence in Latin America

Technological changes are developing more and more rapidly and those things that seemed impossible several years ago are now a reality thanks to the implementation of artificial intelligence. Faced with this new transformation of the world, Latin America does not want to be left behind in technological innovations and some countries are already developing applications in very diverse areas. Mexico is emerging as one of the leaders in the application of artificial intelligence, but Argentina and Brazil are also developing their own technologies.


a doubt, one of the most important technological applications worldwide is SkyAlert, a platform capable of predicting earthquakes.

This application is the first to use artificial intelligence in Mexico through Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning service. The objective of SkyAlert is to alert Mexican citizens of the possibility of earthquakes so that they have time to take the necessary precautions before a tragedy occurs. To do so, it uses sensors installed on the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, which send information to a system dedicated to analyzing the data and identifying the type of vibration of the earth's surface. Once the information has been processed, the server sends the data to the Azure cloud, which is responsible for generating notifications to warn users.



in disease preventionIn Argentina, machine learning is being used to determine in which areas there is a greater accumulation of mosquitoes that transmit diseases such as dengue and zika. To do this, they use models that were placed in a city in the province of Salta. The models received satellite information of the climatic conditions whose data were compared with the number of mosquito eggs found in the area. By gathering this information, each model is able to prevent which places are most at risk from mosquito-borne diseases and contribute to decision-making to prevent the population.

Machine learning is the most valuable branch of artificial intelligence when it comes to predicting behaviour and, thanks to statistical reports, the model can be applied to any city in the country.


is a Brazilian system used by an emerging company in the agricultural sector. This tool uses deep learning to analyze data collected by sensors installed in machinery and climate information sources to provide better solutions in the cultivation of sugarcane, coffee, cotton, soybean and citrus, among others. ALICE is able to process the data from the machines and calculate the requirements of the growers by providing recommendations based on their calculations.

This boosts efficiency and improves the productivity of companies in the agricultural sector to avoid waste and maximize results. The application of technologies based on artificial intelligence is already a reality in Latin America. Mexico, Argentina and Brazil are just some of the countries that have already developed technological innovations to serve the population and industries.

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