Strategies of entrepreneurs that work on the Internet

We all know that we are in the age of marketing and you, fortunately, were born with a great entrepreneurial spirit. You are aware of the potential of the web, so you are already designing a website to boost the sales of your business. You're working hard because this website is the best bet you can make. Is that right? ERROR! Having a website is great, because you give customers an image of professionalism and confidence, but the network offers ways to get more profitability from your business.

Can't you think of anything else? An online price comparison! Think about the dynamics of the customers when they buy (yes, get on the consumer side that we all are). When you want to buy a particular item, say an air conditioner, what do you do? You don't go to the store and buy the first thing you see and know. You visit several stores comparing the features and prices of different products or even the same product and once you have chosen the best option in terms of value for money you buy it, or not... This modus operandi is the way most people proceed.

Why not take advantage of it then to set up your online business? There are so many of them already! There's a reason why they would do it... Look, for the example above there is already an online price comparison site, Look how successful it is! And especially now that it's hot... Many others you already know, like Rastreator or Trivago, even have ads on TV.

Imagine what they quote... How do you apply the marketing strategies in your comparator? It's easier than you think. You will have to negotiate the conditions with the different brands that appear on your comparator. So, for example, you can keep a certain percentage of each sale made from your website.

You can also display your products on the comparator, make offers, and offer competitive prices (that are not unfair) to attract the attention of consumers and make them choose your products. Of course, when you set up your comparator, think big and be original. You know that the way to succeed is always to take a risk with something new and different. However, always analyse the market and observe how the competition is doing it.

And don't forget about clear marketing! Closing sales is always your main objective, don't ever forget that. Dare!.

Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith

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