The difficulty with the availability of domains

The difficulty with domain availabilitySuccessful projects on the Internet need a good domain. This is no secret and has been demonstrated in a wide variety of approaches to online marketing. The domain plays a role in search engine optimization, it is important for recognition and of course defines the own project with its name. But if you are looking for the right domain for your own project, you will probably have to look around a bit, be willing to invest or at least be flexible in your search.

Because with the hype on the Internet and the significant increase of participants in the field of e-commerce, the situation around the popular top-level domains has become even worse.The problem with domains for own projectsThere are only a limited number of domains and there are only a few top-level domains that are interesting for projects in Germany. First and foremost, of course, is always the .de domain. It is the benchmark for most activities in the German-speaking Internet. Also the .com domain or the .net domain can still play a role.

But that is already the end of it. It has to be said clearly that the .de domain is still the best product for the market in Germany. Most visitors have a lot of trust in it and also Google rates it in their algorithm for the search engine with the best ratings. However, this is exactly where the problem begins.In recent years, it has become easy and cheap to realize projects on the Internet and also to secure a domain.

However, the more participants there are on the Internet, the harder it becomes to find a domain that fits your project. There is a high chance that the most important keywords are already out of stock as domains. So if you don't switch to a fantasy name or another brand, you will have a hard time securing a domain with a classic keyword. If you don't want to do without it for reasons of search engine optimisation, you have to get a little creative when looking for a good URL.Longtail keywords and other options when looking for a good domainThe easiest way is not to commit to a single search term when looking for a domain.

There is usually more than one keyword that fits well with your domain and that you can optimize your site for. By including several keywords, the probability that one can still find a free address for one's own project on the Internet is significantly higher. If you consider how important the influence of the keywords is for the positioning in the search engines, you can even make a virtue out of necessity and start your own project more successfully.If you want to register a domain, you have to think about the appropriate solutions in this day and age. It is not advisable to opt for an exotic domain extension just because the desired term is not available.

Instead, it comes down to the use of long-tail keywords and a bit of creativity.

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